How to make your own wedding or birthday haku from drug store flowers!

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Looking for the perfect flower accessory to add to your wedding ensemble? Skip ordering an expensive lei or Haku from a florist and make one for yourself for $30 or less! My bridesmaids and I made our own flower crowns as a fun activity the day before our wedding and it was such a great way for all of us to relax and de stress from the wedding planning festivities! It was one of my favorite parts of our wedding weekend!

This is going to be a beginners step by step guide to give you everything you need to know about making a Haku lei by yourself!

Step one: Supplies

You will need:

  • 1-2 bouquets of flowers from grocery store. Make sure you get a mix of greenery and flowers
  • Flower wire or thick string for your base (find this at any craft store!)
  • Hemp cord or twine for wrapping the flowers around the base
  • ( here is the one I use! )
  • Step two- prepare your flowers

    You will need to take the time to clip each flower/leaf you want to use to get rid of excess leaves on stems. Leave about 2 inches per stem so that you can properly fasten each flower onto your base. Here are a few examples of length of stem!

    Make sure you are also checking each flower for brown spots and removing those petals. Don’t worry about taking off too much because many of the flowers will continue to bloom and open up more after the first day you buy them which will make up for the petals you have to remove.

    Here is an example of before I removed some of the brown spots:

    And after:

    After you have cleaned your flowers, arrange them into a pattern. I do a base of 1-2 leaves/greens for each flower. I like to alternate 2-3 flowers and save my nicer flowers such as roses for the front of the Haku (middle of your circle base). Arranging in a pattern will make it easier to keep your Haku looking consistent and orderly.

    Take your flower wire or string and create a circle that fits comfortably on the top of your head. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose and leave some wire at each end to tie it once you are done.

    Step three: begin wrapping process

    Now that you have your base and pattern made you can begin wrapping your flowers around your base. Start with the first leaf/ greenery in your pattern and place the stem on your base, wrap 3-4 times tightly and repeat with the next leaf/stem. I personally prefer to wrap each item separately in order to make sure each stem is fastened tightly to the base.

    Here are a few pictures of what it will look like through out this process

    Step four: tie it off and show it off 💁🏼‍♀️

    To tie off your end once you finish you can just wrap your end of the cord around the base 5-10 times until you feel confident that it’s secure! Then you can twist or tie your ends of your base together and you are good to go!

    I would love to see pictures of your own Haku! Please leave comments with any questions you have and subscribe for more posts like this!

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