Why you should go paperless for your wedding invitations!

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Save money

There are packages for any size of guest list so you can start with a smaller list and add on more invitations as needed. This way you don’t end up with left over stationary that you won’t ever use again! I spent a total of $150 for my 200 invitations whereas the average for 150 invitations in the US is $245 before postage. Postage for that many invitations would cost $94 bringing the average total for paper wedding invitations to $339. And that’s for 50 less invitations!

Save time

Once you have designed your invitation, you can also include information for where guests can stay, important addresses and times, and where you are registered. Plus, you can import your guest list automatically via excel. My favorite thing about this app was that I didn’t have to sit and stuff envelopes or write out each person’s address onto their card. It was extremely convenient for my guests to RSVP automatically through the card and have all the information they need to attend the wedding in one place!

Beautiful designs

Greenvelope has a ton of selection for cards for any type of event. Their wedding invitation and save the date selection is exceptional, and I actually had a hard time choosing between all of the beautiful designs! Even though your guests won’t be receiving a paper copy of your invitation, they can still receive something beautiful to commemorate the experience. That is something you can be proud of!

This is my personal design for our Greenvelope invitation for our wedding last summer!

Save the environment

The world is going paperless for a reason! Greenvelope saves a lot of time and resources that can be put to better use elsewhere. Not only will you be saving time with the automated system, but you will also save brain power for yourself as you plan other aspects of the wedding!

Make it easy for your guests

Not only does this system automate your invitation sending process, it also makes it extremely easy to track your guest list as they begin to RSVP. One thing I loved was that it shows when guests receive the invitation which alleviates any stress that a snail mail invitation can add. You can guarantee that your guests are aware that they are invited and you can even set automatic reminders to be sent to them to rsvp.

Planning your own wedding takes a lot of work and attention to detail. It is important to utilize automated systems like this whenever you have the chance. It helps to stay on schedule with the rest of your spectacular wedding details! It was a huge relief for me to be able to utilize this quick and effective system to invite my guests to my dream wedding.

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