How to stay organized while planning your DIY wedding!

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  • Engagement season is upon us and wedding season will be here so soon! In order to help all you DIY brides out there this month I’m focusing on all aspects of planning your own wedding! First things first: organization! It’s so important to get your ducks in a row first so that you can maintain a low stress level and enjoy your engagement! Here are a few tips I learned last year while I planned my entirely DIY wedding!
    • Download The knot or Zola

    If you don’t know where to start as you begin planning your wedding I highly suggest downloading either Zola or The Knot! I actually used the knott in the first few months of planning my own wedding and it was super helpful for me to reference just to see a breakdown of exactly what I needed to be planning! The app gives you deadlines and resources based on where your wedding will be held which can be super helpful for anyone who does not already have vendors in mind! Both apps have free features that anyone can utilize!

    • Utilize Google sheets

    It is crucial to keep track of your spending from day one of wedding planning in order to ensure you are able to stay within the budget you and your fiancé/ parents have decided on! In order to keep track of all my expenses as well as to-do lists I utilized Google excel sheets! This made it much easier for my mother and I to reference what had been spent so far and what wiggle room we had for other areas of the budget! I planned my wedding from a different state so it was incredibly helpful to have the ability to share any documents with my mom automatically through google docs!

    • Set deadlines for yourself

    Make sure that you are setting deadlines for yourself from the beginning in order to make yourself aware of how much time and effort you will need to put into wedding planning each week. I had about 10 months to plan my wedding and I spent about 3-5 hours average per week planning each aspect of my wedding! I stuck to my deadlines strictly which made my wedding week much less stressful! It also minimized how much others had to help me with coordinating which was important to me! If you are planning your wedding completely on your own I recommend planning in extra time and a small emergency budget for yourself as the big day gets closer because there are always curveballs that you will need to deal with that weren’t accounted for in your original timeline or budget.

    • Utilize the reminder app on your phone!

    Make your life easier, utilize technology to set your deadlines and reminders for you! The knott has a reminder and deadlines automatically built into their software scheduled depending on the amount of time you have until your wedding! I frequently utilized the reminder app on my phone especially when coordinating phone calls with vendors since I was in a different time zone. If you have a full time job these reminders will help you stay in tune with your wedding plans while you juggle your daily routine!

    There are so many aspects of planning and organization that go into planning a wedding and I hope these tips and tricks help you enjoy your engagement and planning process!

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    1. This is such a good post and so detailed!! I loved the knot when I got married, so helpful!

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