11 ways to cut out monthly spending and stick to your budget!


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  1. Make your coffee/or tea at home

Instead of buying a coffee on your way to work everyday try making your own at home! This will allow you to save time as well as cut out a lot of extra spending from your week.

2. Bring your own lunch to work

If you commit to bringing your own lunch for one full week of the month you’ll see that you save a net savings of anywhere from $20-$50 just from that one week. For example if I buy lunch somewhere near my work the average I’m going to spend is about $10-$15, but if I plan my grocery list to include lunch items I spend about 5$ per lunch. That means I’m only spending $20 compared to the $50-$75 I would be spending otherwise! For more information on how to make this work for your schedule click here.

3. Drink only water for a week

Cut out any soda, juice, coffee/tea, or alcohol for a full week! Even if you have some in stock at home you will be able to make that supply last longer so that you don’t have to buy more in the current month! Plus this is great for your body and will give yourself a little detox from the sugar, caffeine or alcohol you are normally consuming.

4. Use all of your groceries before buying new ones

I am guilty of buying groceries once, using some and then buying more to supplement what I have left. This leads to waste of some of the ingredients I bought from the first grocery run because I forget about those ingredients or don’t end up using them and have to throw them away later. Instead I have made myself be more creative or plan more thoroughly with my grocery lists to ensure I am using all grocery items!

5. Give yourself a weekly budget for eating out

My husband and I do this and it helps us be more intentional with how we plan our meals each week! We give ourselves a set amount of money that we can spend per month towards eating out and break it up by week. We plan out what days we want to eat out with friends or just each other and then stick to that plan for the most part! We also set aside a little of that budget for spontaneous invites from friends or cravings we have!

6. Use coupons for groceries  and apps like retailmenot/ cartwheel

With the amount of apps and websites that exist souley to save you money you can’t afford to not utilize at least one of them! If you enjoy shopping at Target you should download the cartwheel app which gives you access to savings and price matching. Retailmenot and other couponing apps allow you to search a company and apply any relevant coupon. The technology exists to help us get a discount with the touch of a button!

7. Get rid of cable: use Netflix or Hulu!

My parents recently did this and cut their tv bill in half just by canceling their cable subscription! Plus, most of us don’t fully utilize all of the channels available in our cable subscription so it makes more sense to pay less for the things you will watch more often!

8. Make your own beauty supplies!

This is a fun way to save money if you enjoy diy projects! You can make pretty much any type of toiletry from scratch as well as makeup, soap and deodorant! It’s easy to buy the ingredients for these things in bulk and gives you a fun project to work on (maybe even during your no-spend weekends)!

9. Cancel your gym membership and workout at home!

Another great thing technology allows us to do is have a personal trainer or yoga coach right at home! You can watch all types of free exercising videos on YouTube that will keep you motivated to work hard during each workout. If participating in a class isn’t your thing you can buy cheap weights and other workout equipment at Ross, or even go for a run through your neighborhood! Plus working out from home saves you the time of driving to your gym and back so you can either fit a longer workout in each time or fit your work out into shorter breaks during the day!

10. Take shorter showers and turn your lights off!

It’s so simple but we don’t always think of the impact conserving energy and water can have on our monthly bills. Make sure that everyone in your household is in on this new expectation in order to have a larger impact!

11. No-spend weekends or weekdays

This is a great way to save money because most of us, myself included, spend the most money on the weekends! Instead of going out to eat or to do an activity that costs money, try going on a hike and having a picnic! Come up with activities at home or outdoors that don’t cost any money and plan fun meals that you will be happy to make and enjoy to ensure that your weekend is still fun, relaxing and appealing.

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