How to save $75 per week by bringing your own lunch to work!


Eating out for lunch everyday can really add up! Most people spend anywhere from $10-$15 per day on their meal. I firmly believe that packing your own lunch is one of the easiest ways to save money and stick to your monthly budget. Plus, it is easier to eat healthy because you have full control of what goes into each meal. I wanted to provide some options for you to try that won’t take up too much of your time on weekends or evenings to meal prep! Both of these options will provide you with ways to make quick and healthy meals while allowing you to save money!

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Find one or two healthy, easy to make recipes

It is best to find a recipe or combination of ingredients that are easy to change up a little bit to keep you from getting bored throughout the week. For example: if you are using chicken and broccoli you can have them with rice a few days and switch up the sauce each day and then you can switch to a broccoli chicken and spinach salad! I would then arrange the meals so that you aren’t eating the same thing back to back at all through the week.

Choose protein and veggies that you can buy in bulk! I use Broccoli and chicken as well as butternut squash because I like eating each of them and don’t get tired of eating them easily! I also like to choose to steam my vegetables half way while preparing so that when I pop them in the microwave at work I can put a bit of water on them to fully steam them. This keeps the veggies from getting soggy and makes the whole meal taste more fresh!

Make sure you include a piece of fruit and something to snack on during the day, especially if you have an office job, in order to prevent yourself from getting hungry and from buying a snack at the vending machine!

Don’t worry If you don’t have time to meal prep!

Believe it or not there are some frozen meal options out there that are actually nutritious and filling! Because eating healthier is trending and the market for it is growing, many companies have began to tailor their products to fit a healthy lifestyle. I have tried out a few different company’s healthy frozen meals and found one brand in particular that I love.   Healthy Choice uses at least 1/2 cup of vegetables, 1 cup of protein and brown rice in each meal! It is super flavorful and as an added bonus it uses all environmentally packaging! To supplement this I usually bring yogurt or a piece of fruit and some trail mix to snack on throughout the day! These meals go on sale at Target all the time and you can usually buy 2 for 7$!

Both of these options will make it easier for you stick to your monthly budget without adding much to your to-do list!

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