2019 came up so fast that I am finding myself scrambling to get things organized for the new year! This month I wanted to focus on all things budgeting and managing money as it is a hot topic in the new year especially with tax returns coming right around the corner! I’m kicking it off with a short and sweet post about some of the best and easiest to use budgeting apps to help you set up your 2019 monthly budget!

Each of these apps has high user ratings and is at least partially free.

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1. Mint

This app is awesome because it allows you to link up your bank account, credit card accounts, and loan accounts into one area so that you can keep track of what bills you need to pay and the amount of each bill each month. It also tracks your spending to keep you accountable of the budget that you set for yourself for the month and breaks it down in a really comprehensive way so that you can see what areas you’re spending too much in. It breaks down your budget into sections so that you can set individual budgets for things like eating out, fuel, clothes and miscellaneous things. On top of that, it tracks what you’ve spent in each category and it will give you an alert when you are coming close to going over budget or if you have gone over budget in order to help you stay accountable with yourself and the goals that you have set!

It also creates alerts for you to keep track of what bills are due in the coming week/month and as well as when you may be at risk of going over your budget in each section. It’s one of the oldest and more most popular budgeting apps for a reason it’s incredibly thorough and easy to use.

2. Pocket guard

Pocket card is similar to mint in that you can attach all of your accounts so that it shows all of your bills in one place. It’s also easy to use and one of its most helpful features is that it tracks each of your bills individually and will search for ways to help you save more money by switching to a cheaper option with a different company. For example, if you’re paying too much on your cable bill it will find other companies with similar plans that cost less! That in itself is worth signing up for this app since most of us don’t revisit our current contracts for things like that often.

3. Wally

If you’re looking for an app that can simply help you plan and track your budget then this is the app for you! It doesn’t link your bank accounts like the other apps which keeps the interface simple and extremely easy to use and quick to set up. Many millennials love this app for those specific reasons! The app still tracks your monthly budget progress and can send notifications to you to keep you accountable of how much you have spent and how close you are to reaching your current goals.

4. Good budget

This budgeting app is particularly great for couples or families who want to share their budget and the progress they’re making each month. It is simple and allows you to sync your account to your partner’s to track your joint monthly income and expenses. I personally use this app with my husband and find that being able to sync the account to both of our phones helps us each stay accountable and on the same page as far as how we are doing in the current month and what we may need to improve on. This app allows you to link bank accounts, etc so you can each keep track of joint savings and spending accounts.

5. Albert

Albert is similar to the other apps as far as budgeting tools go. What makes it unique is its feature for you to pay for financial planning and investments advice from experts right on the app! The feature is built so that you can decide how much money you can afford to pay and tailors the amount of advice you can receive accordingly. The experts are available to you so that you can gain more in depth knowledge on what ever financial topic you are seeking to learn more about to set your finances up for success. I love this app because the option to talk to a Financial expert in this way is much less intimidating and more accessible than setting up a meeting with an expert in a bank or Wealth Management office.

Any of these apps are sure to get you off to a great start in setting up your budget and keeping you accountable, enjoy!

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