Christmas Sangria

Easy Christmas recipes

Try this simple but beautiful cocktail

Perfect for hosting during the holidays!

I love Christmas and get really homesick around the holidays so this recipe was a fun way to sidetrack me and try something new! Plus it includes the smell of pine trees which is my favorite!

I know a lot of us are getting ready to host family and friends this weekend and next week so I wanted to find something you can make yourself to utilize at those Christmas and holiday parties!

Stun your guests with simplicity!

This recipe shows ingredients per 1 cocktail. A full bottle of wine will make about 8 cocktails.


  • 3 oz 7up

  • 2 oz white wine

  • 1/2 oz gin

  • Cranberries

  • A stem from your Christmas tree or wreath to garnish * optional *


For this recipe I used a bottle of white wine from Costco’s Kirkland brand which is perfect for a party because it is affordable and gives you about 2 regular bottles worth of wine in one large bottle. I highly recommend the extra touch of garnishing with the cranberries and pine stem as it gives it such a cute and cozy look.

Even though it’s a really simple cocktail, the presentation is sure to wow any guest!

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